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About Us

History of Juvo MedSpa

Dr. Ray Lupkas, of Pinehurst, having raised four daughters, multiple pets, and taken on a myriad of charity ventures in and out of Moore County, has already had an amazing journey. Looking to continue this journey and give back to the community that has given so much to his family, he decided to create a company that will give people the opportunity to feel good on the inside, and look their best on the outside.

Turning the dream of Juvo MedSpa into a reality did not happen overnight. Dr. Ray studied and took many classes in preparation for this new adventure.

The Juvo MedSpa team, now one member bigger, spent the next few months determining which services would be most appreciated by the local community. They also took the time to learn which services could best benefit our soldiers in the area.

Special discounts will given to all of our military families and first responders as a way of thanking those who dedicate their lives to us all.

Be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the latest updates on the Juvo team and the services we provide. The best is yet to come.


Ray Lupkas

Ray Lupkas