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Ray Lupkas


Dr. Ray has always been interested in the physiology of aging. Back in the early 90's, he used to present lectures (using Harvard Graphics, that's before the days of PowerPoint for you history buffs). He knows that we can't stop aging, but we can embrace the aging process, and make the best of it.

A military veteran, Dr. Ray was a residing staff anesthesiologist at First Health of the Carolinas for 22 years. Community volunteer, pilot for Angel Flights, and all around good guy, Dr. Ray always had a passion to improve the process that we call life. He has seen firsthand over the years how the speed of the system has forced providers to have to see patients at a breakneck pace. He knows that he's not able to help everyone, but he wants to offer cutting edge treatments to help as many people as he can. Over the years he has seen that though some medicines are good, there are many alternatives that are be better.